The Bachelor


bachelor-350x270Oh Tinder, you are the gift that keeps on giving.  As I covered in “It’s Goin’ Down, I’m Yellin’ Tinder”, there are quite a few gems out there.  The 43-52 age range is fairly mellow, so I only wound up with a few in the gem category.  But Daisy is hitting the jackpot in the 30 something age range.  So much so that a few weeks ago she began sending me a Bachelor of the Day or “BOD” every morning.  Let’s review and see who is worth of a rose, shall we?


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And you wonder why I have no interest in dating??  I’ve deleted my Tinder account and will rely on Daisy for screenshots to entertain me.  I’ve decided if the Universe forcing me to explore my options, then it’s gonna have to work a lot harder than this to get my attention!  I just hope I’m not passing up a GREATguy!




You really need to write a blog…


Well, here I go, I’m doing it. The thing I’ve always wanted to do. Write. And the thing everyone says I need to do. “You need to write a blog”. And I’m a bit uneasy about it. While I love to write, and I agree that my life has become more than blog-worthy, it’s a little scary to put myself out there. But, in the name of a new beginning, here goes. 0f9099ec3fba22057b861fd790fd79c2 I am Snow White. Well, not really. I am a 40-something Mom of 2, at the start of my second year in the journey of divorce. And when I tell you I couldn’t make up most of the shit that has happened since the beginning of 2013, that is a massive understatement. I am Snow White because I was given that name right as this journey began. Through a Prince Charming who is my greatest strength, as well as my biggest weakness. And I love being Snow White. In fact, being Snow White has been the best part of the past 17 months. But I will save that adventure for future posts. I was married for almost 20 years. Well, technically I am still married because apparently the word “divorce” is a polite way of saying “clusterfuck” (will save that for future posts as well). Anyway, since I’m sure you can do the math, that means I married in my early twenties. If anyone out there reading this is under the age of 30 and considering getting married, be careful! Please don’t get me wrong. I am so grateful for my marriage. I have the two most amazing, wonderful children in the universe. It taught me valuable lessons. It was all part of the path leading me to this new place. However, I am anti-marriage at any age at this point, and to marry before you are 30 is, in my opinion, dangerous business. You do not know who you are yet. You think you do. In fact, you will never be more certain of things than you are when you are in your twenties. But you know nothing. You will know only a bit more in your thirties. The fog doesn’t even begin to lift until you hit 40, and even then it is murky wisdom at best. 17 months ago, I fell down the Rabbit Hole. Yes, I know, wrong character, that’s Alice. But there is no other way to describe it. So I am starting this blog as therapy, as a way to let out all of the thoughts and emotions that constantly course through me; as entertainment, because life has been nothing if not entertaining; and to connect with others going through similar things. Sometimes I will post about things currently happening. And other posts will share the highlights of the past. Names will be changed to protect the innocent, crazy and just plain stupid. I promise tales of crazy people, crazy circumstances, synchronistic events, drunken debauchery, laughter, angst, tears and some nostalgia – and that you will say to yourself “she must be making this up” at least once. As a side note, I am dedicating this blog to the best friends a girl could ever ask for…JH, CB, TK, PD, V. If not for them I don’t know where I would be. At the very least I know I would have fallen victim to many poison apples and not laughed nearly as much!