Goodnight Sweet Prince


Goodnight Sweet Prince….

Although honestly, I am not inclined to call him sweet right now. Though just yesterday I called him sweetie, like I often do. But that was yesterday. Today, I had to let him go. One could say the choice was mine, but there was no other option. PC chose to create a situation that I am unable to tolerate.f404ef9a7ea4a76d7ec5b68dc377e153

I had to say goodbye to my Prince, because the NONSENSE is no longer serving as challenges that teach us lessons and make us stronger. It is damaging this beautiful, undefinable thing we created.

I don’t understand how it came to this. We are each others rock, safe haven and soft place to land. We help each other through the rough patches. Our unique connection led to the creation of a rare and beautiful and undefinable thing. We are each others “person”.

I don’t understand how we can let this go? He is my PC, I am his Snow White. He is my High Roller with Swagger to spare, and I am his “Poker Bitch”. Who will we talk to on the phone for 30 hours a week? What will we do without nights by the fire and “buca kisses”. Who will we laugh with about our endless repertoire of private jokes. Who will we laugh with about anything, as much as the two of us laugh about everything? Who will take me to the dive bar to visit the bartender I have a girl crush on? Who will teach him the ways of the evil genius and how to channel that power for good? Who will I play Keno and online Poker with? Who will warn him about upcoming astrological events or tell him what “magic rocks” to use?

I know what you are thinking. “She says she let him go, but she’s using present tense”. I am staying with present tense because we will always be those things to each other, even if we are apart. I also don’t know if this is the end forever, I am holding space for him in my heart. I just know that we have come to a place that is unacceptable for me. So today I said my peace and walked away, for now.

Goodnight Sweet Prince. Snow White will always love you.

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